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8 thoughts on “ Dionysian - Rot In Hell / The Process (4) - The Works Of Fate (Vinyl)

  1. Danielle Champney: If you're watching me die right now, I hope you rot in hell.I hope you experience a fraction of the pain and fear my classmates and I have. I hope you get cancer or AIDS and I hope it fucking hurts.I hope that when Death comes for you you'll be begging for it while it takes its sweet ass time finishing you off.
  2. In Death We Rot is our first full length release. It's a follow up to our 3 song demo. The songs are straight forward old school death metal / death and roll with lyrics about various subjects like Horror movies, real life crime, serial killers, necromancy, and most important our hatred for .
  3. Rot In Hell / Horders: The Omega Suite: Feast Of Tentacles Rot In Hell / Wayfarer: Split: Ctw Records: Grey with black swirl, gatefold: Rot In Hell/the Process: The Works Of Fate: Feast Of Tentacles: Black: Rotten Sound / Control Mechanism: Splitted Alive Hell´stone Records: Black vinyl, test.
  4. Poverty and war, death and deceit Dying of floods or heatwave, again and again Primitive minds, praying in vain To their gods, to ease the pain You can’t stop mother nature and her ways You’re dying by numbers, it’s your fate Breeding like rabbits, (so) at least a few survive You’re born in hell and then you fucking die We should not.
  5. Releases from Victory Records including Aiden - Nightmare Anatomy, The Audition - Controversy Loves Company, Between The Buried And Me - Alaska, June - If You Speak Any Faster, Bayside - Bayside and more. Page 15 of
  6. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Except in this novella Toto is actually the band Rot in Hell and Dorothy is the lead singer’s slutty girlfriend. Wesley Southard’s One for the Road is a rock ‘n’ roll nightmare crossing horror and bizarro genres. Spencer Hesston has finished his last set with Rot in Hell.
  7. Vinyl and CD Discography; 27 Credits 1 Vocals 24 Instruments Rot In Hell / The Process (4) Rot In Hell / The Process (4) - The Works Of Fate.
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