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  1. Dangerous Moonlight' s love-story plot, told mainly in flashbacks, revolves around the fictional composer of the Warsaw Concerto, a piano virtuoso and "shell-shocked" combat pilot, who meets an American war correspondent in Warsaw, and later returns from America to join the RAF in England to continue to fight against the Germans and their occupation of Poland.
  2. "The performance we attended was just like this— a fantastic classic duo, with talented and passionate musicians— in a small, intimate salon." "That night, Toshiki Ishi was the pianist and he played Chopin's preludes, Debussy's Clair de lune and Rachmaninoff's rhapsody on a theme by Paganini as encore.".
  3. Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor; Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto by Ivan Davis & Isador Goodman, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, et al.
  4. About “Warsaw Concerto” 1 contributor This short work for piano and orchestra was originally written for the British film Dangerous Moonlight, which was released in America under the title.
  5. Jun 26,  · The Warsaw Concerto is a short work for piano and orchestra by Richard Addinsell, written for the British film Dangerous Moonlight, which is about the Polish struggle against the invasion by Nazi Germany. In performance it normally lasts just under ten minutes. The concerto is .
  6. The Warsaw (from "Dangerous Moonlight")and Spellbound (from the Hitchcock movie of the same name) concertos are excellent and brilliantly played by Daniel Adni (if you don't get goose-bumps from hearing the Warsaw and Spellbound, you're dead) as are the rarely heard Dream of Olwen (from "While I Live") and Cornish Rhapsody [from "Love Story" (not to be confused with Francis Lai's Love Story)]/5(22).
  7. The Warsaw Concerto is a one-piece piano concerto, written as an important ingredient of the film Dangerous Moonlight. This film was later also called under the title Suicide Squadron.
  8. Warsaw Concerto for piano & orchestra (for the film "Dangerous Moonlight"/"Suicide Squadron") () The Dream of Olwen, for piano & orchestra (From the film "The Way to the Stars") () Spellbound Concerto, for piano & orchestra () Cornish Rhapsody for piano & orchestra ()Price: $

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