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8 thoughts on “ Your Equanimity

  1. The virtue and value of equanimity is extolled and advocated by a number of major religions and ancient philosophies. Look up equanimity in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
  2. Keeping Your Equanimity In Buddhist practice, equanimity basically means not giving your power away, in chaos, hostility, or challenging moments. It means instead of reacting to triggers, you remain stable and respond with balance, wisdom, self-control, compassion, and inner-peace. Equanimity is not allowing what others are doing to get into you.
  3. Aug 05,  · Equanimity should not be confused with indifference. From the outside, these two conditions look confusingly similar, which is why in Buddhist literature indifference is referred to as the “close enemy” of equanimity. Equanimity isn’t gritting your teeth or white-knuckling it. Rather, it’s caring deeply but with a sense of ease.
  4. equanimity. If you take the news of your parakeet's death with equanimity, it means you take it calmly without breaking down. Equanimity refers to emotional calmness and balance in times of stress. If equanimity reminds you of equal, that's because the words have a lot in common. The noun equanimity was borrowed from Latin aequanimitās, from aequanimus "even-tempered, fair," formed .
  5. Jul 02,  · Equanimity · Paul Weller On Sunset ℗ A Polydor Records recording; ℗ Solid Bond Productions Limited, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited.
  6. With the friendly guidance of Bram Barouh, allow yourself to momentarily release your hold on turbulent thoughts and feelings as you practice finding your essential equanimity - being okay with what is, as it is. Bram, a mindfulness educator, has a lighthearted nature and approachable wisdom that makes practicing meditation seem effortless.
  7. The words composure and sangfroid are common synonyms of equanimity. While all three words mean "evenness of mind under stress," equanimity suggests a habit of mind that is only rarely disturbed under great strain. accepted her troubles with equanimity In what .
  8. May 10,  · How to Cultivate Equanimity Regardless of Your Circumstances A calm mind and even temper can help make peace with life's difficulties.. Posted May .

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