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  1. Attack Name: Battle Type: Category: Trick トリック Power Points: Base Power: Accuracy: 10 0 Battle Effect: The user catches the target off guard and swaps its held item with its own.
  2. /micon "Trick Attack" "/micon" makes the macro icon looks the same as the normal ability icon. With the cooldown and TP/MP cost and everything. /ac "Trick Attack" /p Using Trick Attack on. "/ac" signifies an action ability. (as opposed to a pet ability, or a chat command, or an emote, etc.) "Trick Attack" is, of course, the ability name.
  3. Trick Attack is the partner of Sneak Attack. It is available at level 30 for thieves or at level 60 for those choosing thief as a Support Job. When used, the ability will create a special status effect that signifies the next melee attack is a trick attack.
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  5. Sep 20,  · The Enmity generated by your next attack (or Weapon Skill and potential Skillchain) is transferred to a player in front of you. For Thief main job, damage is calculated by adding the AGI stat to weapon damage at the time the blow lands if the enmity-transferring conditions are nenctizapssindoymetfalarerapheden.coinfo: Thief.
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  7. Bear in mind that Trick Attack will transfer all the enmity of your damage onto the player you're behind, also known as your trick partner, so it is advisable to only SATA onto someone who can take the hits if the mob turns on them. SATA will only .
  8. Trick Attack's use will not remove any type of Invisible. When activated, all enmity accrued from the user's next strike will be transferred to the party member the attack is initiated behind. For this reason, some pieces from the Thief's Relic set, such as Assassin's Cape comes with an enmity + effect, aiding in the retention of hate by a tank.

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